Saturday, May 15, 2010

Summer's Coming

It's the middle of May, and we've already had several days where the temps have hit 90 or better. Summer's coming.

And with the coming of the summer season we find ourselves distracted with all that comes with it. Cook-outs, trips to the beach, the mountains, the whatever... vacation time, kids home from school (will Autumn ever get here and school start again?), sports events, etc. etc. etc. Maybe just staying home and doing nothing. And finding the time for going to worship services.

It's interesting that one of those areas where we seem to not worry so much in the summer months is the last one. Attendance at the vast majority of denominational churches will drop like a rock over the next several months. Other things will demand our attention, demand that we jump that way first, demand that we forget the One who made us and respond in a purely physical way to the pleasures of life.

What does devotion to the Church and God demand of us this summer of 2010? Do we assume that "God will understand" why we fail to make it to worship when we take our children to their soccer/baseball/softball game on a Sunday morning? Why do we put up with recreation leagues that schedule games on a Sundays? Has the secularization of our country won out completely with believers? Or more importantly, are we really believers? Vacations are wonderful, they're needed so that we can relax, rest, and restore ourselves both physically and mentally. But while on vacation do we sleep in on Sunday, forgoing an opportunity to experience a worship offering that might be "different" than what we are used to at home? Why does God not play into all that we say and do when the season changes?

This summer I'm taking my wife to Disney World to celebrate our 30th anniversary. We'll be there over a weekend, and for myself I plan to find a church that we can attend together. And yet while I'm a Methodist that doesn't mean I'll go to a Methodist church. I enjoy the chance to experience other churches offerings to God, and may just look for something really "exotic." But the fundamental question remains, why do we not find it important to make it to church during the summer?

If it was really important to us, we'd make the time.

Thoughts and responses are encouraged... have a great summer!