Saturday, February 12, 2011

Odds n' Ends

Ever wonder why February, the shortest month, takes the longest to get through?

Did you know that the Methodist Church was once the largest Protestant church in the USA?

Ever notice how churches will fight like crazy to keep things from changing from the "inside" of the body (worship styles, pastors, mission focus, etc.) but quickly embrace the latest "fad" from a nationally recognized church leader on how to "fix the church?"

Ever wonder why people will show up in large numbers on Christmas and Easter, be willing to sit on folding chairs in the aisle because the pews are full, but not wander into the church building the rest of the year when they could have their pick of the empty spaces?

Ever get the feeling that the only way to restore what we had as Methodists is to close all the buildings and return to the original Wesleyan concept of going where the people are?

Whatever happened to "offering them Christ?"

If Father John were to come back today, would he recognize what we've done with his movement of restoration?

Why is it that the older members of our congregations, the ones who built the foundation that is now crumbling, are the most vocal in opposition to trying to rebuild it with a younger generation?

And lastly, how many folks that take the time to read these thoughts will realize that I'm not talking about "another church but not mine?"

If we continue to lose members/attendees of our churches at the current rate, there won't be a Methodist church much longer. The latest information I have at hand states that 55% of the UM churches in the country have less than 50 people in attendance any given Sunday. That means that once we exclude Palm Sunday, Easter, etc. the true number is probably much lower still. What's happened to us?

Find and read the book "Restoring Methodism," it's excellent and calls us to return to the Wesleyan movement that was started a little more than 200 years ago.



At February 16, 2011 at 12:25 AM , Blogger Hillary said...

We've become Father John's nightmare!


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