Wednesday, June 6, 2007

It's That Time of Year

Annual Conference that is. For those that might not be familiar with this term, the United Methodist Church (US) is organized into conferences, often consisting of a state, parts of different states, or even by sub-dividing a state into several conferences. These conferences meet annually to do the "business" of the church. And every four years (2008 is next) the UMC holds a General Conference where delegates from around the world meet for the same purpose.

Here in Virginia conference week runs from June 10 to June 14. As a result the clergy, and lay members that comprise the other delegates, will be meeting in Roanoke this year. The logo that's shown here is the theme for this year.

Virginia's Annual Conference is in trouble. Look at the previous post to get an idea of why. For that matter, the UMC in general is having difficulty in many parts of the country. While the idea of growing the church is a good one, I'm afraid that the way in which it will be approached here will not be the manner in which the church should be making disciples. I will not be attending conference this year as I'm not a delegate (yet) and it's across the state for me. That coupled with the fact that I really can't take time away from my job here at the church since both pastors will be in attendance.

I can't wait to hear their report about the growth initiative though.