Monday, August 25, 2008

Time marches on...

Another month gone... almost sounds like the lyric of a Sondheim song, doesn't it?

As we come out of the summer months the church I serve is dealing with a lot of issues. A new Sr. Pastor who's been challenging them each and every Sunday to step outside their comfort zone and reach out to people. A group of lay leaders who are accusing the church staff of "sabotaging" the leadership because they dared to ask questions about the (alleged) vision process that didn't ask for any input from the staff. A worship band that is having issues with the music they play each week, causing dissension among themselves and with me. And the attendance at worship has been dwindling down throughout the summer as well. Will they come back after Labor Day, or have they moved on to other worship venues seeking the face of Jesus that they aren't able to find here?

I'm starting to question staying in the UMC. I don't see any change, any growth, and truly committed Christians in leadership. It's all about power and keeping it. that's not the church I read about in Acts.

And I read that a non-denominational church in South Carolina had 10,000 people in worship this past Sunday. What's happening there that's not happening in the UMC? Might it be the presence of the Holy Spirit? You know, God's always there- but He doesn't always show up.