Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What Church Are We?

The Book of Revelation starts as a series of letters to 1st Century churches from John the Revelator. Each has it's own problems which he mentions, or strengths which he encourages. There are folks out there who study Biblical prophecy who use these letters to pronounce that they also reflect the different "ages" of the church. And they proclaim we are now in the "final age" of the church.

It's interesting, but if one looks at the current state of denominationalism, where even the Baptists are losing members, you might think that it was true. But still there is growth within the church (the Body of Christ) albeit not in the denominational structure. There are a large number of independent churches that are seeing astronomical numbers attending their worship services, and then the people getting involved with the various ministries they offer.

What is it that these independent, often mega-church in size, ministries are offering the folks who walk through their doors. And how can we, as people familiar with the Methodist Church, adopt those things that would allow us to reach some of the unchurched in our local communities?

It's a different age. Folks aren't looking for the same things our parents were when finding a church. Have any of you found new ways to reach people for Christ?